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The software and service projects

1 virus killing, system optimization, network backup ¥50 share system
2 the computer peripherals installation (printers, scanners, fax machines, multi-function equipment and other peripheral) + installed driver ¥50
Three commonly used software installation: chatting tools play fry a software tools and various kinds of office software, software installation ¥50 industry
4 system installation: WIN, WIN WIN98, 2000, XP, WIN2003 WIN, LINUX system installation ¥50

Hardware service projects

AGP display card maintenance PCI card 512M - - E 32M ¥50
IDE disk SATA harddisk drive maintenance 40G SCSI hard drives ¥50 yuan 500G -
DDR1 DDR2 memory SDRAM memory memory ¥50 memory
HuaShuo motherboard JiJia set ShuoTaiKe seven elite brand such as foxconn motherboard ¥80 yuan
Monitor 15-inch / 120 yuan at 17 inch LCD/price 150 yuan/at 200 yuan


Family LAN network
Broadband sharing
Broadband sharing
Assist purchasing hardware, achieve more computer broadband Internet access, file and print sharing network plan, assist share purchase hardware, integrated wiring, hardware and software installation, debugging and Settings, broadband network Settings and print sharing troubleshooting

Data recovery:

Error operating system software malfunction, file format, delete, partition division lost, damaged, virus damages the directory structure
Ordinary IDE, SATA harddisk

Notebook or move hard disk

Hard disk fault not bad and opening firmware missing information

Ordinary IDE, SATA harddisk

Notebook or move hard disk

Other storage medium software failure and formatting, by deleting shows hints of digital format, not formatted memory/SD card/CF card/U disk/memory/LuYinBi/etc. :

Our service commitment is not exclude fault any fees

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