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Working hours: 9:00 to 17 points (Saturday evening rest), after-sales service for the year

Sell programs do not provide modify the program itself (for any question by us to modify ordered other) function is to free of charge. The charge standard to the difficulty of the function and requirement for reference. Please see custom modification site

Buy long-life procedures within one year free upgrades, provide online help! Service period 1 year. More than service to every service, technical service for 1280 yuan.


inquires, authorization

Within the term is not in service, the problem is not within to answer!

Example: the company product Numbers that resides system V5.6 just template Numbers (doesn't mean he's function V5.1 than buying procedures to demonstrate function, is the same)
If you hava, please check the procedure and compressed package common problems to solve problems, can immediately. In order to provide better service, please submit questions observe the following rules:

"You exactly: don't have problems of products such as far as possible, to express, please write an error code fragments, or with issues related to information.

Your problem, concise description as if written several simple sentences, limit additional lots of code, such as don't put a complete program each page code are additional.

Patient: because we want to answer the questions, so you can get back the problem may take a few minutes, a few hours or even days, please wait patiently.

Technical support:
You use the product, we seek to solve problems in technical support, or you find the bug report and program through e-mails, QQ online, telephone contact us, etc, and technical support for business subscribers only.

Help center site free users to post please login form to obtain the support!

Relevant animation tutorial download:
More than language style of local installed demo site management system, video downloads

Only pure procedure provides good business consulting and business subscribers technical support. Do not provide the technical support for not paying customers.
Please contact the purchase of contact with the telephone, QQ, using QQ purchase at the QQ contact your program to customer QQ)

Web hosting service fee standards saw


The program is not sell, lost in new purchase!

Free version and the charge of the difference

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